Eco Action Day is Singapore’s leading campaign for positive environmental action.

Eco Action Day is an annual nationwide campaign in Singapore encouraging awareness and action for the environment, which culminates in the celebration of World Environment Day on June 5th. Over the years, it has grown to be an established platform for organisations and individuals to pledge environmental actions.

The theme “Green the Red Dot, Join the Movement” calls on participants to join the national campaign to green Singapore - also known as the "Little Red Dot" - by committing to actions that will reduce energy and resource consumption, thereby minimizing carbon emissions.

This year, Eco Action Day will focus on Sustainable Development Goal 7, which is affordable and clean energy. As a small island state, Singapore faces multiple challenges in protecting itself against a backdrop of growing risks and vulnerabilities that climate change brings about, such as rising sea levels, food and water scarcity and extreme weather patterns. In response to these threats, Singapore aims to halve its peak emissions by 2050 and phase out fossil fuel vehicles within two decades. Aside from looking towards renewable energy to power our future, we also have to play our part by practising energy conservation.

To game change climate change, let's take collective action to reduce the environmental impact of our actions at work and at home, and make Singapore more resilient in the face of climate change!

Be part of the movement and Let's Green the Red Dot together.