Pledges for home

  • Consume less electricity by using natural light at home whenever possible
  • Foster a green spirit at home by involving your whole family in environmental efforts such as sorting recyclable waste or growing a home garden
  • Help save electricity around the home and workplace by putting up stickers or posters to remind people to turn off the lights when they’re not in use
  • Plan your weekly meals before going grocery shopping, so you only buy what you need
  • Minimize the use of air-conditioning
  • Opt for fan or natural ventilation
  • Take shorter showers
  • Increase the air-con temperature to 1°C higher
  • Use a lesser flow of water for washing
  • Set air-con to at least 25°C

Pledges for office / school

  • Bring your own mug/ water bottle to work or school
  • Do not print unnecessarily - read documents and emails on your computer or tablet whenever possible to save paper
  • Keep a "reusable takeaway kit" at your desk at work to minimize your use of disposable plastic. It can contain a fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, mug and lunchbox
  • Leave your car at home one day a week, and take public transport - the greener option - to work instead!

Pledges for daily habits

  • Eat vegetarian food for one day a week – it has a lower carbon footprint than a meat-based diet
  • Join an environmental interest group - in person or online - and get involved in their efforts to promote a more sustainable way of life
  • Opt for electronic statements instead of paper bills
  • Quantify and measure the impact of your eco action after you have pledged it - how much energy did you save?
  • Reduce food waste. Order only as much food as you can finish
  • Use fewer plastic bags. Do your grocery shopping with eco-bags
  • Volunteer with an environmental organisation of your choice - you'll meet like minded environmental enthusiasts, and also gain the satisfaction of making a hands-on contribution to the cause
  • Explore your own creativity to reuse and recycle household items you no longer need