Green Knowledge

Carbon Offsetting

We live in a world of steadily rising greenhouse gas emissions. In 2013, the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide passed 400 parts per million for the first time in over 2 million years. The ongoing build-up of greenhouse gases is already increasing the frequency of extreme weather events such as Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina in the US.

If we continue down our current path, we are likely to see substantial sea-level rise affecting coastlines and major cities around the world. For far too long it has been difficult for people to join the fight against climate change and achieve real impact. This is where CarbonStory comes into the picture.

CarbonStory is a crowd-funding platform for climate change mitigation projects around the world. Through CarbonStory, individuals and companies can offset their own emissions by funding certified green projects that reduce greenhouse gases. This includes renewable energy projects, reforestation projects, carbon capture projects and energy efficiency projects.

We provide full transparency tracking the impact of all activity on CarbonStory. We are delighted that Eco Action Day has chosen to offset all emissions from the event with CarbonStory. Take a moment to check us out on

Green Office Solutions

Digital Signage

Ricoh's Ultra Short Throw Projectors are used to project the desired signage. As the sizes can be adjusted easily, it reduces printing of banners and wastage from one-time usages.

Tap n Print

A device that is attached to our printers & Multifunction device that tracks print usage for each user. It serves as a reminder for each user's paper printing. Having this device also means printing is only carried out by a "release" system where it cuts down paper wastage from wrong printing as printing is only released at the machine itself.

Paperless Fax

Faxes received are directed via email to the respective person instead of being printing out.

Unified Communication Solution

The conferencing unified communication system (UCS), projector and the Interactive Whiteboard forms the unified communication solution. This system can be used at large conferences or for video conferencing which effectively improves communication and reduces carbon footprint from business travels at the same time.

Eco certifications

BCA Green Mark

Everyone has a role to play in protecting our earth and conserving natural resources. Greening our buildings will make a significant contribution to environment sustainability as the building sector constitutes one-third of the total end-use electricity. Singapore's target is to have at least 80% of all our buildings 'Green-Marked' by 2030.

The BCA Green Mark scheme was launched in 2005 as a key strategic programme to raise the awareness of sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings. It evaluates buildings for their environmental impact and performance. The benefits of BCA Green Mark buildings include cost savings resulting from efficient use of key resources such as energy and water, leading to lower operational and maintenance costs. Other less tangible benefits include enhanced occupant productivity and health due to good indoor environmental quality.

Buildings are assessed under the following criteria:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Sustainable Management and Operation
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Other Green Features

Under the assessment system, points are awarded for incorporating environmentally friendly and sustainable features which are better than normal practice. The total number of points obtained translates to the respective award ratings of Certified, Gold, GoldPLUS, and Platinum in ascending order of merit.

In recent years, the BCA Green Mark scheme has expanded beyond the 'hardware' of buildings and now also looks at the 'heartware'. Through the users-centric Green Mark schemes, BCA encourages occupants and users to consciously adopt more environmentally friendly features and sustainable practices.

Amongst the user-centric schemes that were introduced by BCA is the BCA Green Mark for Office Interior scheme. A green office can enjoy numerous benefits such as good indoor air quality, which can lead to improved workplace productivity as employees are comfortable and well. This can also bring about reduced operating expenses resulting from the use of energy and water efficient solutions and implementation of office environmental policies.

BCA encourages more building owners and tenants to embark on their green journey today so that we can create a more sustainable and liveable environment for everyone.

For more information on the BCA Green Mark scheme, please visit:

Project: Eco Office

Project: Eco-Office, a joint initiative between Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and City Developments Limited (CDL) was launched on 5 June 2002 to mark World Environment Day. It aims to influence companies to implement green initiatives and incorporate sustainable practices in their daily work operations.

Everyone has a role to play in protecting our earth and conserving natural resources. Greening our buildings will make a significant contribution to environment sustainability as the building sector constitutes one-third of the total end-use electricity.

Programme Objectives:

  • To bring the environmental message to companies in Singapore
  • To inspire and educate staff to play their part in conserving the environment.
  • To raise awareness that environmental habits are easy, convenient and cost-effective to implement.
  • To provide an effective benchmarking tool to facilitate the development of a continual improvement cycle for office 'greening'.

By participating in this programme, companies are able to enjoy cost savings by setting environmental goals on the consumption. This certification provides a competitive advantage for certified offices as it serves as a testament to their environmental commitment. The benefits of the Eco-Office Label certification include access to socially and environmentally responsible corporate networks, and an ability to promote the office's environmental credentials.

Interested applicants will go through the Eco-Office Rating System that allows companies to evaluate their levels of environmental commitment, based on parameters such as the company's policies, consumption of electricity and water, waste management and recycling practices. Companies that achieve a satisfactory rating will be certified as Eco-Office.

Visit or drop an email to and learn about the other perks of being certified.

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