Climate Action SG

2018 Climate Action

2018 was one of Singapore’s warmest year on record. To instil greater awareness of climate change among people and to support the Paris Agreement, Environment and Water Resources Minister, Masagos Zulkifli has designated 2018 as Year of Climate Action. To help green the country in the year of climate action, Eco Action Day campaign called on organisations, schools and individuals to pledge green actions on its 12th year. This annual nationwide campaign encourages awareness of, and action for the environment and celebrates the United Nations (UN) Environment Programme’s World Environment Day (WED), held every 5 June. Everyone could play their part to make a positive change by supporting green initiatives in Singapore by committing to take simple actions to reduce energy waste at
Each pledge contributed to the Climate Action Pledges by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR). Last October, 315 tree saplings were planted at Fort Siloso, Sentosa, to match every corporate pledge received during the campaign last year.

2019 Towards Zero Waste

Singapore has designated 2019 as the Year Towards Zero Waste. In 2017, Singapore generated over 7.7 million tonnes of waste, which is a seven-fold increase from 40 years ago. Semakau Landfill is Singapore’s one and only landfill which will run out of space by 2035 at our current rate of waste growth. Singapore is working towards becoming a zero waste nation by reducing our consumption of materials, reusing and recycling them to give them a second lease of life. Singapore will adopt a circular economy approach to sustainable waste and resource management and strive to close the waste loop, just like how we have closed the water loop by recycling water endlessly.
Eco Action Day supports this zero waste vision and will continue to raise the awareness on waste management via the annual campaign. In its 13th year, SDG Goal 13 on Climate Action will be the focus during the industry roundtable where participants of public, private and academia will come together to discuss on topics in relation to packaging, plastics and e-waste and the extended producer responsibility to be in line with Singapore’ Year Towards Zero Waste theme.
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