About Eco Action

To say Singapore, the tiny red dot, is at climate risk is no exaggeration.

As a low-lying tropical island, Singapore is prone to the dangers of climate change, such as rising sea levels and water scarcity. Knowing this, Singapore’s government has set ambitious targets to halve its peak emission by 2050 and phase out fossil fuel vehicles within two decades. To meet these goals, both the private and public sectors need to play their parts.

For fourteen years, Eco Action Day has been rallying organisations and individuals to go green. The nationwide campaign has gathered more than 1,500 organisations and 7,000 individuals to make positive behavioural changes for the environment. Through its pledge movement, Eco Action Day has conserved over 261,259 kWh of energy savings, which is equivalent to 28 elephants’ weight worth of CO2.

In 2019, the Ricoh Group changed the name of the global edition from the “Global Eco Event” to the “Ricoh Global SDGs Action” as it shifted its focus to address bigger problems beyond environmental issues. It aims to leverage the know-how that it has built up through Global Eco Action events, such as the “Eco Action Day Roundtable”, and work together with societies in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Following the recent announcement of Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, Eco Action Day aims to contribute to five significant pillars – the ‘City in Nature’, ‘Energy Reset’, ‘Sustainable Living’, ‘Resilient Future’, and ‘Green Economy’. This year’s pledges also focus on raising awareness on the SDGs among Singaporeans as only 35% of them are familiar with the goals. We call on organisations and individuals to join Eco Action Day in this campaign to lower their energy and resource consumption and protect our environment.

The time is now – be part of our movement and let’s green the red dot together!


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